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August 9, 2014

The Tidewater Sisters

Review by Abi

The past must be let go before the future can be grasped.~ Quote from The Tidewater Sisters

 I adore the imagery in The Tidewater Sisters. Lisa Wingate creates a world of memories, new experiences and growth—and I savor it like a biscuit full of drippings from Ma-maw's iron skillet.

This land bears the tree castles of childhood dreams, the blood of skinned knees, the imprints of bodies gazing at stars, the sweat of summer days, the tears of broken hearts, the fairy dust of first love. (Excerpt: The Tidewater Sisters)

Isn't that beautiful?

That being said, here's what else I like about this book. Tandi Jo, the main character, finds her backbone! Though painful, she confronts her conniving older sister, Gina—and refuses to back down.

Gina's despicable behavior in the first book, The Prayer Box, left me open mouthed. I was happy to see her disappear from Tandi Jo's life—yet wondered where she would turn up next.

Well, in The Tidewater Sisters, Gina wreaks havoc days before Tandi Jo's wedding. Gina's ever-present- self-centered-crooked-selfish-antics chomp into Tandi Jo's happiness. (Yes, I have a strong dislike for Gina.)

Tandi Jo has a limit, and Gina reaches it. This is where Tandi Jo's growth sprinkles…trickles…then torrents into a raging storm. Reining back anger and revenge, she waits for the perfect moment to confront Gina. I was on pins and needles when she did.

In the process of trying to right the wrongs, Tandi Jo unearths more than she bargained for. Gina divulges long kept secrets …including why she kept them. Though Gina is still unlikeable, I ache for a better relationship between the sisters. And maybe…just maybe, it is a possibility. 

This novella ties up loose ends, braiding tiny ribbons of understanding through old memories.

 Lisa Wingate spins a great story, and though this novella doesn't allow the development of the secondary characters, I can't wait to learn more about them in her next full length book, The Story Keeper.

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Page Count: 127
Purchase Link: Amazon

Book Rating: 

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