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August 11, 2014

A Broken Kind of Beautiful

A review by Abi

The girl with the haunted eyes reentered his life on the other side of the lowering casket, humidity and the shrill song of cicadas tangling together in the South Carolina heat.
~First line of A Broken Kind of Beautiful~

 Ivy Clark is beautiful on the outside and kind of ugly on the inside. She's on a race to save her career when it takes a turn into washed-up fashion avenue. She has the habit of validating her worth by flaunting her beauty to get anything she wants. Including men. Sadly, Ivy Clark feels she is worthless unless she has the fashion world to shore her up. As long as she keeps her opinions to herself, and does as she's told, Ivy feels she's got it made—until her agent sends her a place she despises—her hometown.

Until a man from her hometown guides her through the back roads of honest emotion, self-worth, love of family, faith and friendship, Ivy was a wreck waiting to happen. Ivy really did not have direction in her life, and was coming to a dead end. I honestly did not like Ivy, until she began to open her eyes far away from the runway's blinding lights.

The story certainly showed growth in character and honesty—not quickly—but in a slow, believable progression. I grew to love Ivy, and cringed at her bad decisions, then cheered when she made the right ones. Just when I thought I had her pegged, she surprised me with another spurt of her new found realizations, acceptance, and inner-growth.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was the "tell-everything-in-one-breath" epilogue. It actually robbed the satisfying ending. I wish I had simply left the epilogue unread. In my opinion, it isn't needed.

Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Page Count: 320
Purchase Link: Amazon

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