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July 20, 2014

The Prayer Box

A review by Spencer

Ring the bells bold and strong

Let all the broken add their song

Inside the perfect shells is dim

It’s through the cracks, the light comes in. . . .
~The Prayer Box

Tandi Jo has trudged through life since youth. She manages herself into an unhealthy marriage, emotionally disconnected from the rest of the world, including her own two children. Finally, in a brave escape from her thieving husband, and a fresh, un-fogged view of the future, Tandi and her children find refuge in a small cottage on Hatteras Island.
Rent is past due, and Tandi hasn't found a job yet. And if things aren't rocky enough, Iola Anne Poole, her ninety-one-year-old landlady, passes away. Fortunately, her potential homelessness is postponed when she’s hired to clean out Ms. Poole’s home. From this task she finds a closet-full of prayer boxes that contain the answers to a lifetime of questions.

Iola Anne Poole, illuminated through her letters to God encompassing over half a century of her life, is the wonderful example of an injured, yet faithful heart. She provides the steady, underlying current this story glides upon—even from the grave.

Tandi Jo Reese is heavily flawed, a product of her unsteady youth and dreadful relationships. It’s understandable why she is the way she is. In the beginning of this tale she is neglectful, selfish, and rather disappointing, but I still sympathized with her. Her transformation is steady, realistic—and significant. I’ll not soon forget her.

Paul Chastain is a colorful character, a true gem, and one of my favorite book-boyfriends I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. (Yes...ever!) He is a hat-wearing, Jimmy Buffet-ish kind of beach guy. A friendly, tolerant, entertaining, lovable member of the cool-cat species. Not only is he dedicated to his students, but his community as well. This easy-going, non-beefcake, is one of the few men Tandi Jo has known that shares a true friendship with her—free of expectations or exploitation.

Lisa Wingate does it again! She rewards her readers with a remarkable story that delivers familiarity, significance, and a luminescence that will forever stay etched in their minds.

The Prayer Box
 is a luminous story of faith, triumph, and self-discovery. I can’t wait to read the postlude, The Tidewater Sisters.

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Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Page count: 401
Purchase link: Amazon

The Sea Glass Sisters (Prelude to The Prayer Box)
The Tidewater Sisters (Postlude to The Prayer Box)

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