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July 21, 2014

The Prayer Box

Review by Abi

by Lisa Wingate

A quiet water, this river of grace. Its work done in ways that do not seek attention. Yet it is there. Always there. ~Quote from The Prayer Box

It's not often that I read a paragraph several times just to experience the beauty of it. However, I found myself doing just that while reading the The Prayer Box.
Tandi Jo, the main character, is on the lam from an ex-husband, and still reeling from the withdrawal of pain killers.

Tandi discovers her elderly landlady, Iola Poole dead in the "blue room." After a member of the church hires her to clear out the cluttered home, Tandi discovers a cache of boxes filled with letters written by Iola. Many secrets unfold throughout the story, and she grows attached to the house--and the woman who lived there.

There are many interesting characters throughout the book, but my favorite is sweet, mismatched attired, and REAL man, Paul Chastain. My least favorite…well, actually, a character I despise, is Ross. Much to my dismay, he's the man Tandi Jo is drawn to shortly after she sets foot in town.

Though caring townsfolk support Tandi and her children at every turn, she finds it hard to accept that people want to help without an alternative motive.

Tandi has a lot of work in store, from becoming a better mother, to healing her wounded psyche. In a  surprising way, the dead woman's letters help her to find a way to do that…and so much more.

I highly recommend this book!

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Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Page count: 401
Purchase link: Amazon

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